Small Business Checklist: Top Five Tips for Avoiding Disaster

!cid_CF682DD0-D4EF-4328-A711-50E49F677CDC This is the first of a series of weekly posts giving hints and tips to small, home & micro business owners.


  • When disaster strikes: It is always a rare occurrence, but anything can happen when you least expect. 
  • Evaluate your insurance needs: It is never worth taking the risk of not insuring every aspect of your business. You cannot predict when a disaster may occur and the form it may take. 
  • Establish a line of credit: You do not need to use the line, but it is useful to have access to it when you are faced with disruption to your business. The cash can be repaid as soon as you get through the turbulent period. 
  • Have a plan in place: This can be a few pages worth of key contacts and information or a huge manual with detailed instructions on what should be done in the event of emergency – it is important for you and your employees to have something in place to guide them through the worst. 
  • Keep Documents Stored Safely: You could use the Document Storage built into OnlineOffice in order to ensure their safety.
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