Small Business Checklist: Top FiveTips for Saving Your Small Business Money

!cid_CF682DD0-D4EF-4328-A711-50E49F677CDC The top 5 tips weekly post gives hints and tips to small, home & micro business owners.


  • If you have to use specialist equipment in your business, it often makes better sense to lease it rather than to buy outright.
  • Try to purchase office equipment that will perform multiple functions, such as a fax machine that doubles as a copier. 
  • Base your pricing on the sum of your costs and the image of your business, then add a reasonable profit. 
  • Know what drives your business: units sold, customer statistics, average orders, hours billed etc. 
  • Conserve your capital and only use it when it is absolutely necessary – do not purchase services until you need them. 
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