– Business Blog: 10 Business Bootstrapping Rules for Small & Home Business

If you are thinking about starting your own small business, or have already started your business, but maybe find the going tough, then this and the other articles in this series are for you. But before you start reading the other articles you need to be familiar with the term “bootstrapping”, to better appreciate the implications of the rest of this series.

Bootstrapping a small business means to start your business without external financial help or capital investment. You fund your business with money you earn and then reinvest into your business to grow. The average amount of money you would need to start a bootstrapped business is around $5,000 or £3,000, but often you can start a business with no money too. This assumes you already have a computer, internet connection and found room for a desk or use the kitchen table.

Ten rules to bootstrapp your small business start-up @

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