Blogs Unusable Because Of Advertising

200909111003.jpgBlogs are a great source of information, especially for small business & home businesses. So many bloggers share their vast knowledge and experience with us all online and for free. Many of these blogs have become an invaluable source of information and insight. Lately however, I noticed a trend that makes it almost impossible to use some of my favourite blogs because of the amount of advertising and the way the advertising is intermingled with the real blog content.

As a blogger I understand that content counts and that it takes time to create this content. I also understand that we can’t live of readers “love” alone and that blogging is a way to earn a living too.

But I would suggest it is a fatal mistake to distort a blog page to such a degree with advertising, that it becomes unusable and a turn-off.

On some blogs you have to run the gauntlet to even get to the content page, first the almost full-page, badly targeted ad for something useless and then a page where you are hard pressed to make out the blog post headline.

I have been to some of my past favorite blogs lately and I was beginning to wonder if there was any content with the headline? I had real trouble piecing together to different bits of the main article because of adds.

I will no longer go to these blogs while they are dominated by adds in this way – maybe RSS could be the answer. – ST.

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