Microsoft to Rule the Twitter Sphere According To Robert Scoble.

Yesterday, Robert Scoble posted “The post iPhone world” – you should go and read this post, it is as scary as it gets. He begins by asking people at Microsoft to imagine a post iPhone world and apparently only gets “blank stares”.

Well Robert, the reason for these “blank stares” is that everyone in Microsoft is just beginning to imagine a post Microsoft world! I told the Microsoft boys back in 1994, that there will be a day when most people will only need “One Window” and not “Windows” – this day is getting closer and closer – and Microsoft seems to have no answers or plans for this world. No constructive discussion about these issues is possible with Microsoft people, they see anyone asking about these issues “literally” as an enemy.

Robert, in my humble opinion, really loses any grip on reality by suggesting Microsoft should rule the twitter sphere and send via its .Net technology and twitter, commands to the hospital intravenous drip machine where his new baby will be born.

Robert, you should check with your wife first – maybe she has never heard about Vista.

Seriously, there is so much wrong with this, that I hardly know where to begin, but her are some of my concerns:

  • real-time polling and feedback, unless the twitter client, your IV-drip, can report back, how can you know what really happened,
  • would I trust Microsoft to get this right, I guess not, given the fact it can’t get even its own OS right,
  • internet security,
  • internet reliability in last mile situations,

Our internet protocol has a long way to go, i.e. QOS routing, real time routing, before we can even begin to think about these kind of potentially life threatening remote manipulations.

Sorry Robert, but this is complete wishful thinking in general and for Microsoft especially – let’s try small steps first and get the next OS right. – ST.

PS. Congratulations on your son Ryan, Robert.

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