Ten Small Business Startup Ideas – 2009/09/26

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If you are sat at home this weekend contemplating starting your own small / micro home business or becoming a self-employed freelancer / sole trader then here are ten quick-fire business ideas to use as a starting point. 

  • A website for generating name and branding ideas.
  • A service allowing volunteers to list their availability for charity projects in their area.
  • Private investigation for restaurants – find out whether your employees are following Health & Safety procedure.
  • A service which will transfer vinyl / CD to MP3 for people who don’t know how.
  • Unique bachelor / bachelorette parties tailored to specification.
  • Become a singer / songwriter making songs written to order for special events.
  • Digital picture blinds – when closed, they display images from a USB stick.
  • Highly trained babysitters who are available at the last minute.
  • Live tutoring online via webcam or chat.
  • A positive news channel / website with a special focus on good news!

 I hope this will inspire you to start your own business, but if you need further encouragement take a look at our competitionST. 

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