The Small Business Blog – New Comments Rules

As of today I will change the way I will moderate new comments. The reason for these changes is SPAM. I will apply the following rules to all comments left:

  1. Real names in the name field only – without exception, sorry. No more company, product or services names.
  2. I will still provide the commenters URL in the Recent Comments section – so people will see you URL and can follow you to your website.
  3. I will keep the nofollow tag switched off, so you will still get the link back for your page ranking.

If there is no real name in the name field I will either

  • change the name to anything I can think of like Adam or Eve – but only if I believe the comment to valuable to the discussion.
  • delete the comment without any notice.
  • spam the comment which will have probable repercussions on other blogs too.

Some of my long standing commenters – you know who you are – will unfortunately suffer as a consequence of this, but I see no other way to control the level of spam I’m experiencing. To prevent further complaints and arguments I have no choice but to follow this route of action.

Please keep on commenting and help me to make this a spam free zone. – ST.

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