Is Your Small Business Worth Shouting About?

Shout about your business

As regular readers of my blog you will know that I am passionate about small businesses, and want to see the awful mortality rate of small businesses fall dramatically. That is why my company,, have started a regular feature to help small businesses to increase their profile, and even improve their SEO. are running a weekly competition where you can pitch your small business idea or service, free of charge, on their Facebook page. Then, all you need to do is get your clients, customers, affiliates, friends and family (thanks to Cole, see comment 5 below) to vote for your pitch using the “like” button. The only catch is that it has to be 110 characters maximum, plus a URL for your business; making it easier for Tweeting!

Got more to say than the 110 characters will allow? Why not upload a video to You Tube, then add it to our Facebook page. will then feature it on WinWeb TV, gaining your small business even more exposure.

The competition will run Wednesday to Wednesday, and the winning small business will be that which has accumulated the most votes throughout the week.

The prize? The winning small business will receive a professionally written blog post featured on the Business Blog linking back to a URL of their choice, on any issue to do with their small business. This article can then be used to promote a new product, service or just to raise awareness of their brand. I will also feature the Business of the Week on The SME Blog, gaining more valuable publicity for your business and extra links back to your website.

There is no catch, just free publicity for your small business, and some great written copy for the winning small business every week. All I ask is that you respect this offer, and don’t post any links to ‘dodgy’ websites, any such links will be promptly removed and the user reported to Facebook.

I look forward to reading your pitches, and learning more about your small businesses!

The WinWeb Facebook page can be found here, you really have got nothing to lose!

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