The Customer Is Always Right!

Customer service

While we all hope to make our customers 100% happy all of the time, and this must of course be what we strive for, there will be occasions where a customer is less than happy with the service you have provided. Even if your customer service is second to none misunderstanding and technical faults can still occur, so it is important to consider procedures for dealing with unhappy customers.

At our aim is to remain focused on the customer at all time, customer service, customer experience and how the customer feels. If one of my customers feels worried, anxious or concerned it bothers me deeply.

Treating customers as individuals and respecting their point of view is paramount in dealing with and resolving any issues that customers may have with your service. Listen, listen and listen some more. Don’t make excuses; listen to what they have to say, apologise and discuss a possible resolution as soon as possible.

While it may be tempting to respond to disgruntled customers by letting them know you will get back to them later, I would strongly advise against this. Often, this leads to the customer sitting on their problem, stewing over what has happened, or even worse worrying or panicking that the issue won’t be resolved. The last thing any of us want is for our customers to be worrying, so always make speaking to your customer your first priority.

Dealing with criticism or complaints calmly, fairly and to the best of your ability can placate a potentially detrimental situation, and in some case amazing customer service in these situations can actually turn them in to a positive.

At the end of a long day, the last thing many small business owners want to deal with is a disgruntled customer. However, it is imperative that any issues are resolved quickly and to the customers’ full satisfaction.

In an age where social media and word of mouth is growing, a bad comment or an unhappy customer blogging about your product can be extremely hard work to undo. Stop it from happening by putting on a smile and having a “nothing is too much trouble” attitude.

Customers must be your number one priority as a small business owner – even when they are unhappy. Put on a smile, be courteous and eager to please, even if you disagree with them; remember, the customer is always right!

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