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I would like to let all current WinWeb customers know that the website will be down this weekend – which will mean that customers will be unable to login or use their WinWeb Software. However, this inconvenience will be worth the wait as WinWeb’s V6 Software launches on Monday 1st November.

WinWeb’s all-new software encompasses all I believe is necessary for small business success. WinWeb’s Small Business Software is a fully integrated, highly powerful software suite. Not only does WinWeb V6 has an easy to use interface, powerful software and all stored online to allow quick and easy collaboration, but it is also highly integrated providing ease of use and increasing time efficiency for small businesses.

I am passionate about small business success and believe that much of the new software in the WinWeb V6 software suite will help small businesses to succeed. The WinWeb V6 software has all you would expect from WinWeb, but will also include some exciting new software including a Business Analytics module and increased collaboration and integration possibilities.

I look forward to telling you more about WinWeb V6 and showing you around the new software suite!

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