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Month October 2010

Top 5 Business Efficiency Tips

The top 5 tips weekly post is always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. 1. Try phasing out the use of ‘snail mail’ in your organisation wherever possible. As a method of communication it is highly inefficient and in many situations is no longer needed because of email. 2.…

WinWeb Pitch of the Week – Give Youth A Chance

This week Sean Hamilton, founder of Give Youth A Chance, won the WinWeb Pitch of the Week competition. Sean has founded Give Youth A Chance as a one-stop-shop to support and help young entrepreneurs to succeed in business. Having experienced the highs and lows of business life, Sean wants to help young people avoid many…

Blog for Action on 15th October 2010

On 15th October 2010 bloggers from around the world will blog to make change, spark debate and drive collective action. Held each year, Blog Action Day holds a different focus each year, and this year bloggers in over 100 countries will all blog the necessity for clean accessible water. We all drink and use water…

Lifestyle Business and Success

We often speak about how to grow you business, how to be more successful, how to expand your business, increase sales and drive your business forward. This obsession with growth, however, is not every business owner’s primary aim, and nor should it be. The measurement of business success is often cloudy; people quote a massive…

RARE Business – A New Book By Adrian Swinscoe

A fellow blogger who has previously written here on the SME-Blog, Adrian Swinscoe, has released a book entitled RARE Business. In RARE Business, Adrian speaks about how businesses both large and small can build better relationships with their people and customers enabling them to drive sustainable growth. Business and customer relationships are something I feel…

Top 5 Social Responsibility Basics

The top 5 tips weekly post is always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. 1. Try to do things that will have a positive impact on the local community. If you can’t afford to contribute financially, give up some of your free time instead. 2. It is possible to…

WinWeb Pitch of the Week – Socially Collaborative Media

The winner of this week’s WinWeb Pitch of the Week competition is Jeremy Campbell, founder of Socially Collaborative Media, running two websites: Spidvid and Unleashvideo. Jeremy’s innovative company provides a platform for people to connect and collaborate on video projects. Not happy fitting in to the video-upload site niche, Jeremy was determined to create a…

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