The Benefits of Integrated Small Business Software

Integrated Business Software

There are many noted benefits for small business using integrated software. Advances in technology mean that business software can now be accessed via the web. The ability to use online software means that the small business user is now much less likely to encounter compatibility issues, nor will they be restricted by their working environment as many of these internet based solutions will allow you to access all your business packages from anywhere in the world.

A lot of this software can now be found online which means that there aren’t the normal restrictions with using software that is installed onto specific PC’s, that a liable to breakdown, may be damaged or even stolen.

Online Integrated software can contain a number of online software packages that are not necessarily related to each other, to make small business or running a home business as easy as possible. There may be invoicing software, address book or CRM software and financial reporting software, all as part of the same software suite. Of course the advantage of this is that the applications are then able to ‘communicate’ with each other, which would mean greater efficiency, as any information that is entered into a specific area, would automatically update or gather information from another part of the software and do all the integration for you.

The alternative to an integrated software solution is a fragmented software package, which either relies on the small business owner having to input data numerous times in to different pieces of software, or are reliant on API bridges. API’s allow to fragmented software packages to communicate. However, as has recently been publicised between Google and Facebook, these API’s can break down for numerous reasons, either technological or due to business differences, which then leaves the end-user in difficulty with regards to accessing their data, and can even leave small businesses out of pocket.

A fully integrated software solution is absolutely the most sensible choice for small business owners. Integrated software ensures reliable communication between all the vital elements of a small business’ software, as well as ensuring a highly efficient and secure way to process all the admin for a small business. Integrated software will trump fragmented software every time.

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