I Can See Your Point, But…


Search engine optimisation aka SEO is on everybody’s mind these days. A term that strikes fear into many small business owners hearts, as it is jargon and nobody really know what it is or what it really means. Answering the question is complicated.

Therein lies the problem. I hear from many clients that they had SEO done(!) and nothing happened. Asking what SEO means to my clients, the answers are often along the lines of getting more traffic to their website. It did not work, why did it not work?

After all how would you know, if the ‘friendly advisor’ knows what SEO is or if he/she is just playing with your fears? Easy – put their website into alexa.com (not an absolute measure, but good enough) and see what their world ranking for their website is!

Anything more than a million – don’t even think about it – if they can’t do it for themselves, how are they going to do it for you?

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