It Sounds Like English, But I Can’t Understand A Damn Word You’re Saying


Answer phone messages you really enjoy:

Accountant: “Good morning, I’m calling to talk about your P & L and your Balance Sheet!

Web Designer: “Hi, we need to talk SEO – call me!

These are conversation you can’t wait to have, right? Well, how about these:

Accountant: “Good morning, I wanted to talk about how much money you made/lost last year – give me a call.” or…

Web Designer: “Hi, I’d like to talk to you about getting more business from your website for you!

Jargon, like arrogance, are barriers and often betray deep in-secureties. You should insist on having jargon explained until you understand what the person is talking about. Contrary to popular belief, it is not you who is stupid, it is the user of these jargon terms.

We all use jargon from time to time associated with our work expertise, but if you are customer facing – jargon is a business killer.

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