Don’t Keep A Dog But Bark Yourself!


Hiring staff is aways a double edged sword, staff cost money, time but hopefully they will take work off of your back and increase productivity.

After weeks you are still doing the work you hoped your new staff member would do, but here you are still talking to the customer, etc. – so, why did you hire the new staff member? The reasons are still the same, aren’t they?

So – what is the problem? Simple, YOU are the problem, because you will not let go. Why? Out of fear they do it wrong, or god forbid they do it different to you.

By hiring your new staff member your job has changed, you are no longer doing your colleagues’ job, you are there to help him/her to do the job you used to do. You never know, maybe they will teach you a thing or two as well.

You should only hire people that are better at what they do than you. Do that and you’ll enjoy having your new colleague on-board much more.

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