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For many small business owners, blogging is not merely a hobby. It can be one of the most effective ways of generating exposure for a business without spending a lot on advertising. Well-written blogs will attract visitors from all around the world and people using search engines will easily find your business.

Blogging need not be a time-consuming task for a small business owner. If you set aside an hour per week to add content to your website it will soon grow as a resource. Just make sure that the content you choose to add is relevant and useful and not simply something designed to try and trick the search engines! Write for visitors, not for Google.

The great thing about corporate blogging is that it allows you to reveal more about the human side of your business. People reading your blog will get to know you and therefore feel more confident about purchasing items from you. Trust is a key factor in convincing someone to buy from a small business for the first time, and demonstrating your expertise and providing useful information is a great way to build a reputation within your industry.

Blogs are also great if you want to use search engine optimisation to help people find your business more easily via the search engines. Search engine optimisation means changing your website so that it is easier for the automated search engine to understand the content of your website and direct the right people to it. Filling your website with excellent blog content will greatly help the accuracy of the search engines.

Frequently updated websites will also be favoured by search engines. This provides even more impetus for a small business to establish a blog and keep it regularly updated. People will find your website more easily because of the topics that you are talking about, then they can comment on posts or subscribe to your blog via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) so that they know when it is updated.

Blogging is also a great way to attract more visitors to your website, and increase search engine visibility, as if you provide really great content other bloggers may link to it, creating not only more direct visitors but also link backs which are valuable for search engine optimisation.

As you may have guessed, I love to blog! But more than that I think that all businesses should be blogging to increase their business clout. Have a look at this article about Who Needs A Blog – and if you need any advice just leave me a comment.

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