Small Businesses Need The Cloud


Cloud Computing has been back in the headlines once again this week here in the UK, largely due to comments made by the transport minister Norman Baker. His aim is to reduce congestion in the capital not by introducing new traffic measures, but by calling on businesses to fundamentally change the way in which they work.

Baker wants to encourage companies to allow employees to work from home or at later times of the day. The transport minister described the current situation where everyone all travels to work in the city aiming to get on the same few buses and trains as being “crazy” and I am inclined to agree with him on this.

His proposals have been given extra urgency by the upcoming Olympics that will take place in London next summer. The influx of additional people who will be using the (already stretched too far) transport system over this period is likely to make it very difficult for the people who live and work in the capital.

Small businesses are being advised to start making alternative working arrangements for the Olympic period as soon as possible, as it simply will not be possible to carry on as usual during that time.

Cloud computing is not just something that should be considered as a solution to a temporary problem. Baker also mentioned the damage to the British economy every winter due to missed working days and the failure of the transport infrastructure to cope with the extra strain. He stressed the need for business and government to continue without the need to travel during these periods, something that will only occur if small businesses and the public sector start to put more faith in cloud solutions.

Statistics released this week by Unit4 suggest that global public sector organisations are switching to ‘back office’ adoption of the Cloud just as quickly as the private sector. The UK Government is still consulting on its position on public sector use of the Cloud and the results are not due for another six months.

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