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When you look at products like WinWeb’s Online Office Suite you realize that it provides you with far more than just small business cloud computing software or Software as a Service (SaaS), it is actually a complete small business IT “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS).

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service
Delivers time-savings, security and over 50% IT cost savings to small business.

Small businesses today often have a internal Ethernet network with one or more servers in a more or less secure location inside the businesses offices. Often plagued by excessive IT cost, downtime and relying on third party services to keep the network and office IT infrastructure going. Running a Microsoft Exchange Server can be expensive if you consider all the associated costs – you need to deal with security issues, physical security (who can physically get to the servers to damage them) and data security and backup when disaster strikes (fire, flooding, strike, etc).

Do you have all the answers? Or do you feel a little uneasy thinking about these topics?

All this is a thing of the past with a cloud-based small business office infrastructure or Infrastructure as a Service offering:

  • No Software Installation.
  • No Server Hardware.
  • No Server OS Software.
  • No Network Configuration.
  • No Service Contract Cost.
  • No Data Backup Problems.

And this all is not considering the hours of downtime, frustration, associated cost and loss of earnings. When your internal IT fails it becomes your number one priority, everything else stops, your business/customers suffer and that is very bad for business.

On the other hand, one simple, low monthly payment will deal with all IT issues relating to your business. A hard-disk fails, a computer breaks down, can’t get to the office, strike, flooding – you name it, just find a computer connected to the Internet and you are in business, easily and securely. Add to this the included 24/7 support and you know there is no way you could afford this kind of service/product for your small business in stand alone mode – it would just be prohibitively expensive.

Bottom line:- Infrastructure as a Service – saves time and over 50% of IT costs, while enhancing your data security – isn’t it time you had a look at better and cheaper IT and Rethink IT?

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