Competitive Edge: Customer Response Time

According to pan-European research conducted by Vodafone, 78 % of European SMEs believe that responding faster to customer inquiries is key to win new business.

Other research suggests UK SMEs adopt key technologies like cloud computing much slower than their European counterparts.

In a time when we see the number of communication channels multiply – twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, SMS, Email, telephone, chat, to name but a few – it seems the 24hr global economy is here to stay. This challenges small business more than medium size and larger business, resources for a 24hr business day are often too expensive for micro and small business.

WinWeb’s cloud based help-desk/service-desk application now solves this problem with the use of it’s global network of natively English speaking virtual assistants in the UK, US and Australia. Allowing every small business to be part of the global 24hr economy in a cost-efficient way and participate in it’s opportunities.

Like it or not – every business today is a global business!

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