– Is that fair?

Lately much has been made of the downtime experienced by amazon’s hosting infrastructure. Amazon’s clients – some of the big names in the cloud computing industry using the platform experienced outages too, and so did their clients.

These outages are frustrating, upsetting and most probably unsettling for customers – but they will happen again and again – and there is nothing we can do about it. But here is the thing, when this happens to our own servers below our desks or in our offices, the long term damage is often far greater. How good is your own back-up situation right now, if your hard-disks decided Nirvana is a great place? When would you be back up and running?

Having run hosting and server farms for over 15 years now, I know a little about outages, experienced them in the past and will experience them in the future – in short I’ve got the t-shirt.

Amazon Outage

What bothers me about this whole discussion, as with the discussion we had when Skype went down, is that there are many who have an opinion after the event, some even claim to have warned about these outages before – but apart from adding a lot of hot air (often only for egotistical reasons) – what have they contributed to the issue? You guessed it nothing! This fact is not surprising, since most of these pseudo “know-it-all” merchants, would not even know how to install a server or know how to run a server farm – they have no solutions, they just complain – I hate people like that.

In my mind, it’s simple – we humans do stuff, get it wrong, it fails, we fix it, hopefully learn from it and get it right in the future – that is how we learn and evolve in every industry and I think on the whole we – the cloud computing infrastructure providers – are doing a good job and undoubtedly an even better job in the future.

But wait, could it really be that simple?

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