The Long Tail. A Business Model.

Not so long ago I was asked to give a keynote about how ‘cloud computing’ is changing the world. The keynote I delivered was on how the Internet had changed the world – or as Steve Jobs would put it, ‘made a dent in the Universe!’

I believe it is important to understand, that cloud computing and other new technologies are a result of the Internet and would not exist without it. To make my point I would like to look at some Internet age business models, first one up “The Long Tail.”

The Long Tail

The Long Tail – Chris Anderson coined the phrase, to describe the fundamental change in the media industry.

The Internet serves as a platform to allow anyone to publish a book today. – will publish any book, even if you ever only sell one. That would not have been possible a little over a decade ago, as the whole publishing industry was only interested in publishing bestsellers.

So what had happened?

The Internet – as an on-demand publishing network combined with with networked print on-demand technology – allowed for niche authors to serve niche audiences and make it into a profitable business. From publishing less than 10% of all manuscripts to publishing 100%, in just a few years. exists to service ‘The Long Tail’ of niche authors! 90% (The Long Tail) would not have been published without the disruptive business force that is the Internet.

Could your business segment have a Long Tail? There is good business to be had in The Long Tail!

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