Top 5 Tips For Getting Local Press coverage

The weekly top 5 tips post is always full of helpful hints and advice for small, home and micro business owners.

1. If your product or service is revolutionary, it will be able to generate press regardless of the geographic area in which you operate.

2. Show your face at big industry conferences and events. This is a great way to network with journalists.

3. Charity isn’t about getting press, but the media always takes notice of businesses that support charitable causes in innovative ways.

4. Creating a ‘pop-up shop’ in the local area is very exciting for the media and will almost guarantee coverage if you invite them.

5. Ties to the local area (family roots, attended university there etc.) can be useful, as the press will love to put a local spin on their coverage.

If you have additional tips, please share them in the comments section below.

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