Helping SMEs in London

Yesterday I read John’s book about asking for referrals. Only 24 hours later I get an email from Sorrell at the Islington Chamber of Commerce asking me to have a look at their website and what they are doing for small business. Add the fact that my wife was born in Islington, and here I am, a little cog in John’s big referral engine (I can’t get that book out of my head, I tell you!).

Islington Chamber of Commerce

Anyway, the Islington Chamber of Commerce is trying to help SMEs with business advice and networking events. I was quite impressed with their itinerary for May and the next few months. It is good to see that there is so much passion out there for small business matters and the Islington Chamber is doing their bit to help.

Having been in business for over three decades, one of my main problems was to feel so alone when confronted with new business obstacles. Having an organization like the Islington Chamber around, could help with this and other business issues.

If your business is in Islington, go and contact Sorrell (hope this is what you had in mind Sorrell) and join the Islington Chamber for some networking.

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