Cloud Software vs On-Premise Software

Lately there has been a lot of noise about, IMO, a boxed software vendor who needed some publicity for his accounting software business and would just about say anything to get some “journalists” to pick the story up.

Their assertion, it was “alarming” that cloud computing software was so expensive, people did not like to pay subscriptions and so on and on. Paying monthly for your software on an on-demand basis is one of the benefits of cloud computing, especially for cash-strapped small businesses and start-ups.

WinWeb have done a little research on some (7) of the top on-premise or boxed accounting software vendors to get an overview what pricing is like and the “pros & cons” in general. WinWeb is my company and we are a business cloud company specializing in micro and small business software & services, accounting software is one of the products we offer, so we have a keen and vested interest in this discussion (disclosure!).

Have a look at the info-graphic and then compare it for yourself (click the image to see bigger):

Could vs. On-Premise Software (click image to see larger)

This represents a small sample of on-premise accounting software vendors only, and is not therefor representative of all vendors.

Prices have been changed to reflect the monthly cost. One of the benefits is that the initial capital outlay for small businesses is much lower with cloud computing, initial costs for boxed software vendor installations is much higher.

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