Good Enough Beats Perfect

Think about Skype, sometimes the calls I make are very good and sometimes very bad and anything in between. In other words you can’t say their service is perfect!

Most of the calls you make are free anyway and the calls you pay for are very cheap – above all Skype is convenient. I’m sure most people feel the same way about it, as there is a hell of an uproar when the service goes down.

Calls from traditional telecoms are perfect (well, most of the time anyway), but expensive and not very convenient at all.

Peter Hinssen, in his book “The New Normal” writes:

The perfect is the enemy of the good, especially if the good is cheaper, faster, or more convenient.

I agree – Skype is the perfect example of a “good enough service provider”, beating the “perfect” telecoms at their own game.

PS. Let’s hope Microsoft does not try to make Skype “perfect”, mind you that would be a first, IMO.

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