Pension – Strike – Micro Business

While many understand that we in the UK, after the reckless years under Labour, have to look at saving money and balancing the books, it seems that every-time this actually happens people threaten to go on strike.

To me it seems unbelievable, that the same people (Labour) who, IMO, are largely responsible for the financial mess our state finances are in, are now advocating resistance to the much needed and much delayed measures, which will allow our economy to recover and strengthen.

Ed Balls is currently calling for an emergency VAT cut, how much would he like to cut VAT by – 20%? It worked so well last time around, didn’t it, under Labour’s Darling Brown debacle. Could this be another “BallsEd” idea?

Anyone seriously considering the Labour frontbench as a source of sensible economic policy, must have already forgotten the mess of 2008. Problem is that the real effects of Labour’s failure and incompetence are now beginning to show up, for instance in our benefit system.

Some new approaches to the pension system are being debated. For instance, some people should retire later than others, Prof Harper of the Institute of Aging, has come up with this ideas:

Pension - Strike - Micro Business

In my opinion totally unworkable and will punish for example doctors for their extra effort. We could link pension age to productive work, then Prof Harper, would have to consider retirement at 99, as this is a complete waste of time and a useless concept.

Why don’t we discuss concepts like a maximum wage, we have a minimum wage? Why does Labour not get all worked up about that? Do you really need multi-million pound bonuses every year, paid for by the tax-payer?

Or, maybe if people would rely less on the state but on themselves to provide for their old age, by running a micro business and taking control of their life and their finances, we would all be better off.

Strike, which is what is going to follow, will hurt our economy even more. Labour is going to use every opportunity to fuel the fire for their own means, but most of all micro and small businesses are going to suffer.

Many of my customers have all their belongings in their business and they need a functioning infrastructure to run their business, they also employ of 50% of the UK workforce. My clients can pay themselves bonuses when their business is doing well – only then!

We are not talking about the big corporations and financial institutions who lost in the global greed mania our pension monies and who then had to be bailed out with our tax money – why did nobody strike then?

IMO, anyone thinking about striking during times like this is reckless, does not understand the real problem and will kill small & micro businesses and with that their own future.

It is going to get tough – let’s not make it even worst!

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