Sugar – Who needs him?

The man who apparently failed to recognize that we were in a recession, has now decreed that engineers can’t run successful businesses.

What gets me, is not “Lord” Sugar, who in my opinion is well past his sell by date (lets face it anyone can make money out of a large real-estate portfolio), no it’s the public outcry and interest in these “celeb-entrepreneurs”.

We live in a different world today. Sugar was very successful in his day, but he would most likely not succeed today, where very different qualities are needed to succeed in business, none of which he evidently has ever heard of.

If a would be entrepreneur (including engineers) looks and listens to Sugar, Dragons & Co, he or she would get the completely wrong end of the stick of what it is like to run a business today.

While I have to admit he is a great advertisement for starting your own business, because who in their right mind would want to work for someone like him?

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