Top 5 Tips for Reaching your Small Business Target Market

The weekly top 5 tips post is always full of helpful hints and advice for small, home and micro business owners.

1. Positive word-of-mouth is important for attracting customers and establishing a foothold in any marketplace. Referral marketing is so powerful that it is often worthwhile to offer incentives (discounts etc.) for customers to do it.

2. Don’t obsessively fixate on trying to reach your target market. You should put all of your energy into providing the very best products or service for that market rather than trying to chase them.

3. Following on from that point, remember that patience is a virtue. It is extremely rare for a business to enter a market and then immediately rise to the top. Instead, you should go slow and steady to build an unstoppable momentum at a pace that will give you time to gradually develop an infrastructure that allows you be highly competitive.

4. Social networking is a great way to reach customers, especially if you are operating in a relatively niche target market. In the past you would’ve needed expensive highly targeted marketing campaigns to reach the same people.

5. Make sure that excellent customer service is one of your top priorities, so that when you manage to reach people in your target market you will be able to actually retain them as repeat buyers.

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