I’m the CEO, Sorry!

It’s a funny old world sometimes – I usually spend several hours per day doing online customer support. Instinctively I always introduce myself just as “Stefan” and do not elaborate on who I am or what I do.

Today however I had two people ask me if I was the CEO of the business and truthfully I said yes! One of my conversation partners was obviously quite disturbed about this fact and I asked why? She said that she did not realize that we were such a small business, that the CEO of the business had to make customer care calls! I must admit I always felt a change in the conversations atmosphere, when people realized that I was WinWeb’s CEO – but this was shocking in a way.

Instead of being happy to speak to me – I felt as if I had to apologize for offering customer care to the most important people in my business, my customers. It took me about 30 minutes to explain that this had nothing to do with the size of WinWeb, but instead how important my time with my customers is for me, in order to understand my customers needs, see how our products and services are received, where we can do better, etc., etc.

I think there is something wrong, when CEOs hide behind their colleagues from their customers – but what is really shocking to me is that at least some of my clients seem to agree with those CEOs.

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