Appreciation Marketing

What would make you into a loyal customer to your suppliers?

appreciation marketingI’m loyal to suppliers with good service, reliability, honesty, they know my name and care about me as a human being. On the other side I am not loyal to my phone company, my energy provider – they don’t care, I’m just a number and they annoy me (and my wife, which annoys me even more ) more often than not.

As a small business, appreciation marketing (= customer loyalty) is your best chance to build a long lasting relationship with your clients. It’s not all about the price, it’s also about appreciating your clients and respecting them.

Social media is a one great way to start appreciating client relationships and letting people know you care. You will learn as much about yourself and your business as you will about your client.

RESOURCE: There is a great book out called “Appreciation Marketing – How to achieve greatness through gratitude” by Tommy Wyatt & Curtis Lewsey on the subject.

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