Are you compliant with your software licensing?

Are you compliant with your software licensing?

In the day-to-day running of a modern business, IT is now omnipresent, so it makes sense that managing, controlling and protecting a company’s software assets is also high on the agenda.

Software Asset Management is one way to do this, and most businesses should seriously consider the implementation of it. By executing a ‘SAM’ system, companies are effectively covering their back against large fines from the BSA, in the event that they be investigated and found liable for non-compliance when it comes to the correct software licences. Software asset management programs help ensure that the software licences you possess are sufficient and appropriate for the business in question.

The last thing many businesses want to be doing with their ever more valuable time is undertaking the long, complex task of working out which licences are needed and the most effective software licensing arrangements. The latest developments in IT also mean that specialist knowledge is now often required to do this, and it is not just the simple new licence per installed server rule.

If this task falls to one individual, they are more than likely to be required to have a thorough awareness of copyright law, not only to avoid the fines mentioned earlier, but also to avoid the more serious punishments involved with copyright infringement.

Software asset management tools will place particular focus on your company’s software licences, and could benefit the business financially by ensuring that only the required number of licences are being purchased and used, not to mention the peace of mind associated with knowing that the issue is taken care of.

Reputable software resellers may advise you to opt for a ‘managed service’, which involves enlisting a team that will actively ensure that software licensing for your company is up-to-date and fit for purpose. As well as maintaining a regular relationship with your software reseller, this will help your company to keep precise track of all licences and proof of those licences, meaning that you are fully compliant.

This whole operation is referred to as Software Asset Management, and should put an end to any previous problems or confusion with the proper licensing regulations.

This helpful article was kindly provided by Daniel Nicklin

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