Is SME a Political Term?

I can’t help but wonder if “SME” or “SMB” are politically motivated terms to deceive the public?

Surely when you talk about businesses you want to find categorizations that make sense? SME however is a term used for over 98% of all businesses, and can range from 1 to hundreds even thousands of people and up to a few hundred million turnover.

You will have heard the colorful statements by politicians that they are helping “SMEs” and that they are doing this and that for them. When in reality they are only working with the top few per cent of the SMEs.

Micro businesses and small businesses a summarily dismissed by politicians and no serious help is given to the sector.

Not only has the government gone back on the promise of less bureaucracy, it now plans to harass small and micro business with extra 600 tax inspectors. This, I guess, to raise more money for big business, so they can make bigger profits and leave more of their profits off-shore and not pay their fair share of tax.

My fellow blogger here on The Small Business Blog, Tony Robinson OBE, has started an e-petition in which he asks for government to answer these questions. We need 100.000 signatures to get this debated in parliament, so you can help us by signing the e-petition now.

Let’s find out what they really do for micro and small business, the most important business sector of them all. No matter if you work for a micro or small business, you own one or you do business with one, this is also about you.

So please, sign the e-petition today and help us to get some answers.

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