Evolving Signs: Go Digital

A business sign can be an extremely helpful asset to a small business, especially if they are in a crowded high street and need to stand out from the rest of the crowd. An eye-catching sign is the best way to immediately increase the amount of foot traffic that your business receives.

Business signs are one of the most effective forms of advertising in terms of getting a great return on your investment and as a result retail outlets still rely heavily on signage. Any potential customer that passes by and does not notice your business is a customer that you have lost. More than half of all purchases are impulse buys, so your main priority should be getting people through your doors.

The next time your business needs to put up a sign, converting to digital displays may be the best option. The initial costs may seem hefty as far as business signs are concerned, however, the advantages far outweigh the cost and the return on investment will eventually surpass that of paper, plastic and fabric signage. 

One of the best aspects of digital signs is that their luminosity will immediately draw attention and will be visible any time of the day in any kind of lighting. Likewise, as digital signage can be placed anywhere your old business signs may have been, they can just as easily be placed in areas that otherwise would have been too obscure or dark for a traditional sign. Any type of business can take advantage of digital signs, from law firms to shoe repair to a neighborhood cafe, as the options are truly limitless. 

Let’s take a look at some more significant benefits of utilizing digital signage to increase your business’ revenue:

1. Much simpler sign rotation: For many different reasons, paper signs need to be rotated quite often to remain effective: fading, product rotation, product obsolescence, seasonal messages, price changes, etc. Digital has a major advantage here in that switching signs no longer means physically taking down and rehanging the sign, nor does it mean spending extra revenue on printing something that will only need to be taken down again soon. Changing the image on a digital sign or a digital menu board is as easy as loading a new presentation to the monitor by means of either swapping a DVD or with a few clicks of the mouse. 

2. The green proclamation: By not using traditional signs, the amount of waste created through the printing process is entirely eliminated. This bodes well for companies looking to bolster a green image, and can easily be used as an advertising technique in the digital displays themselves with phrases like, “By using electronic signs like this one, we have helped to save over X tons of fossil fuel and lessened deforestation by Ys of trees.”

3. Multiple messages, one sign: The most obvious reason to change from traditional to digital business signs is that multiple messages can be conveyed in one location. Instead of focusing sign real estate solely on advertising, business owners can convey personal messages, explain the reasons behind wait times, offer thanks and recommend different products and services, all in one sign. 

4. Motion trumps idleness: With digital signage, business owners can attract more attention by using video in their displays; even if video production isn’t an option, simple image/slide transitions are enough to pique a person’s attention, thereby possibly pulling in another customer. This idea is also applicable to showcasing products and services. Why just show a picture of a coffee when you can display video of a customer savoring the smell and flavor?

5. Reacting to customer needs. By regularly changing your business signage you are able to capitalise on trends, special events and product sales. Communicating with your customers through signs is one of the most cost-effective and easily measurable ways to deliver your marketing message.

The impact of digital displays has been tremendous and many businesses have benefited from utilizing them.

This helpful article was kindly provided by Brandon Serna.

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