Recession? – New businesses never had it so good!

Before I alienate most readers with my first post let me explain:

In the 90’s before the internet and emailing were prevalent within the business community most new businesses had buy or rent office/shop premises, have staff available during normal opening hours and be able to afford the normal overheads such as heating, lighting rent, rates and so on. Most businesses were local either to the High Street or district within your town or city and therefore growing your business usually meant opening more branches with the normal associated overheads.

In the 00’s The growth of virtual offices & business websites allowed business owners to open and run their businesses from the back bedroom. Customers now being able to search and buy your products/services online without the need for an office or shop anymore. Business could grow rapidly as your “shop window” could be seen all over the world.

In this decade WiFi & cloud computing has become very popular and allows new businesses to not only be liberated from their back bedroom but now small companies are now able to compete even more with larger companies due to cloud based fully integrated resources and services.

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