Are All Politicians Bad Parents?

My son came by today and was telling me about what was happening in his life and I must say I’m a very proud parent, like many of us. All the hours, days, weeks, months and years of support have paid off for me and especially my wife.

It all got me thinking about business start-ups and how much help and support they need to flourish and become successful, a bit like a child. Invariably it brings me back to the fact that micro businesses are not valued or understood by the state and especially by politicians.

Micro businesses are the driving force in job creation and the future model for employment, self-employment. Over 32 million freelancers in the EU and 24 million in the US, are a stark reminder that we are not talking about a small minority here.

Question is why our politicians don’t get it – are they all bad parents?
Sign the e-petition and ask the question.

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