LawCloud – Cloud Computing for Law Firms

Law professionals are very mobile and busy people, in and out of meetings, in-house or externally, with a constant need to stay in touch with all activities on client files.

To deal with these information needs cloud computing for law firms is an essential tool to stay informed and in control at all times.

Fragmented vs. Integrated Cloud Computing: Any solution should be integrated as to minimise IT problems, duplicating data, security risks and enhance ROI. Using one vendor for cloud accounting, another for Cloud CRM and jet another for Online Disk solutions is a big No-No!

Another big issue is compliance, for example, the ability to securely achieve email correspondence between clients and the firm.

However, cloud computing remains the most attractive IT infrastructure in terms of cost, increased productivity, billed hours and work-life balance. Being aware of some of the issues will make sure you harness all the benefits cloud computing has to offer in the lawcloud!

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