Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Every small business wants to emulate the success of the FTSE 100 companies‘ online marketing strategies. But as many SMEs have significantly smaller budgets they believe that these strategies are simply too expensive for them. Recent developments in marketing, such as social media and consumer driven marketing stunts, are however within reach for even the smallest companies. Here are a few examples of consumer driven marketing in the corporate world and examples of how you too can stimulate the same conversations with your customers:

Coca Cola in a recent internal video admitted that consumer generated stories outnumbered those generated by the company itself. If such a large company, with a huge marketing budget, is taking lead from its customers then so should you. Whether you make sofas or manufacture ready meals you can create a dialogue with consumers, or even weigh in on existing conversations.

Ikea recently took advantage of a consumer driven idea and created a successful PR stunt. A group on Facebook called ‘I Wanna Have A Sleepover In Ikea’ was the inspiration for IKEA’s stunt. The company created a similar competition for 100 Facebook fans to be part of a giant sleepover at the Essex IKEA store. This stunt rewarded consumers for their brand loyalty and created demand for other events around the country. Have a look at what people are saying about your brand, and act on your findings.

Social media is a great way to gauge the ideas of your audience and things people want to see from your industry. One company in particular did this especially well. Belling, a kitchen appliance manufacturer, compiled a book of recipes that had been tweeted to them. The recipe book entitled Tweet Pie – The World’s Shortest Recipe Book contained 50 tweeted recipes.

If you are a business you can take full advantage of social media and consumer driven marketing, it is inexpensive and incredibly successful.

GUEST BLOG: This helpful business article was provided by Katie Bryans.

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