Top 5 Tips for Businesses on a Bootstrap Budget


Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners.

1. If you don’t have the space to put an office in your own home, consider sharing one. Other local potential business owners are likely to be in the same situation as you and will want to go in on a joint let, or if not you could ask a local business if you could lease a desk in their office.

2. Get rid of your business landline to cut down on costs unless you really cannot live without it. Small business phone bills can often be very expensive so if you can switch to a VOIP solution like Skype it is likely to make a difference. You can even make calls to landlines at a much lower rate and put a plugin on your website to allow people to call you directly through Skype for support.

3. Use free Wi-Fi from hotspots whenever you are out and about rather than paying for mobile broadband. The cost of downloading data on the move is still far too high to be worth the benefits.

4. Don’t travel to meetings anymore. Travel expenses are something that a small business can rarely afford. With current online meeting technology it just makes financial sense for small businesses to remove face-to-face contact with suppliers and partners from the agenda. Perhaps meet for the first time in person, but then try to switch to talking online after that.

5. Try to combine all your software expenditure into one small monthly payment. The complete Business Cloud Framework from WinWeb will allow you to collaborate with other professionals, automate your sales and marketing process plus give you access to a whole range of powerful software apps.

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