Job vs. Your Own Business

People of my parent’s generation still had “jobs for life”, at least to me it seemed like most people had jobs for life. It was often equated to having a stable and secure life for yourself and your family.

Even if that was the reality then, jobs for life do not exist anymore today!

So here is the question I keep asking myself, what is the attraction of getting a job? Why not start your own business – even if you are only planning a micro-business, like becoming a freelancer?

The way I see it, you will work for more than one employer in your lifetime. You can do it in sequence or in parallel – that is really the only choice you have.

Start working for more than one company from day one is the best option. If one company ends your contract, you still have the others. You keep on building your network all your life, not for your employer, but for yourself.

Today – if you want a job for life, start your own business.

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