Are you up for an adventure?

This is the ongoing tale of one tiny business – Mother’s Garden – and our journey, the lessons and never-ending learning, the pain and the glee. And I tell it in the sincere hope it will both enlighten and entertain everyone who wants to, or already has, taken that dry-throat, adrenalin-rush step to independence and who might appreciate the empathy and the company of someone going through all the same anxieties, frustrations and (fingers crossed) immeasurable fulfilment.

The greatest regrets in life, so the saying goes, aren’t the things you did, but the things you didn’t do. I firmly believe that (except bungee jumping), with the essential business caveats of needing to believe in yourself, your idea and to have done your homework with the head working in partnership with the heart.

Just as I know most journalists have a book in them, so I think most people wonder what it must be like to go it alone in business, using their experiences and knowledge gleaned from life in or out of a workplace or taking a great new idea and running with it. The sad truth is that in many cases it never gets any further than thoughts or ideas. How many great 4am business brainwaves never get on to paper, let alone on to the path to creation? Don’t roll over and nod off or think you will remember the detail when you wake up. If you are like me you won’t. Pay heed to your instincts and at least test them by exploring your idea.

Have a pencil and paper next to the bedside lamp.

Back in 1998-9 our instinct was to radically change the course of our lives, so in 2000-1 we did.

I will tell you how, where and why next week.

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