Taking over the (virtual) world

The online space is very competitive and businesses can sometimes struggle to be seen. Your business probably can’t afford to buy any physical land, so why not grab yourself some virtual land and start taking over the map one grid at a time?

That’s exactly what the people at Landjacker are allowing businesses to do. They have a giant virtual map on their homepage gridded into 6×6 squares and the more squares that your business purchases, the easier it will be to see.

But the great thing is that Landjacker is not like other forms of advertising, because there is the potential to earn your money back and make a profit on top! If someone wants to buy your land, you will get your money back and earn a profit of at least 10%. So it is a win-win situation each way, because you will either make a profit on your land or have your advert displayed there forever.

If you get in early your land is not available for “landjacking” in the first two months and your business logo will be displayed in the Original Owners page for the life of the site. Why not go and grab some land today?

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