May 2012
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Day May 23, 2012

Bespoke Software Apps In The Cloud

Need some software? Well, what you do is go online and sign up for online software or order a boxed software product to help you manage your business. But does it really ‘help’ you manage your business, or does it just put you in a software ‘straight-jacket’? In reality this software dictates to you how…

5 Small Ways Credit Unions Can Make the Tech Leap and Start Competing With the Big Banks

With a finger solidly pointed at big banks to explain the 2008 market crash, many sought to avoid the traditional banking institutions and use credit unions instead. This migration created new questions about just what a credit union is and how it differs from traditional banks. Traditional Banks vs. Credit Unions: What’s the Difference? At…

How Motivated are your Employees, Really?

“Motivate your teams.” “Engage your employees.” Senior leaders make these directives clear to managers. But why are organizations continuing to focus on employee motivation and engagement during a time when so many talented people are desperately looking for a job? Informed leaders know that an engaged employee will produce far more for an organization than…

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