May 2012
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Day May 29, 2012

Starting A Business

You don’t need a job, start a business. You don’t need a VC to start a business, bootstrap. You don’t need to go it alone to start a business, join the Enterprise Rockers. You don’t need help from government to start a business, you won’t get it. You don’t need an MBA to start a…

SME: Spin Or Lie?

When a government uses terms like SME to mislead the public about what it is doing for small and micro business, what is that? When a government uses terms like SME in connection with public procurement and excluded over 70% of SMEs from this process, what is that? When a government uses terms like SME…

Shopping with the Indies

If the title of this blog leaves you imagining a high street full of Harrison Fords then ladies of a certain age can calm down now and gentleman of the same age need not feel so threatened: when I refer to Indies I am actually referring to Independent Retailers! When Tony Robinson OBE; yes I…

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