Is there a teenager in the house?

I don’t know about you, but running a micro business requires a filter to sift out the chaff from the precious wheat when it comes to computers and gadgetry. What do you really need? I am ageing while the world is modernising with ever-increasing velocity, and in an effort to cultivate some savvy my stupid seeds of incompetence can rapidly grow into triffids.

Mother’s Garden could not run without belief, laughter, long hours, and a technical helpline run by our 17 year-old daughter. This highly advanced support link operates by manner of a tried and tested yelp for help from our office to wherever our teenager may be in the house. And if she is out there is always her 12-year-old brother/apprentice.
A case in point. Maggie and I have just abandoned our two aged, gloriously simple (it rings I answer it) mobile phones because, well, it was becoming difficult to read the time and general detail on the little screen due to scratches and failing eyesight. We were also advised to get better connected.
So now I have a whizzy “android” Samsung thingy with keyboard and full tea making capabilities. Only I couldn’t answer it when it rang.
“Ella! It rings and there’s a green phone on the screen but when I tap it nothing happens.”
Roll of the eyes. “Just swipe your finger, Dad. Like this. Bye.”
“And what does Android mean?”
“It’s a mobile operating system developed by Google and is based upon the Linux kernel and GNU software.”
“Oh good. Er….”
“Which means it is like a little computer. You can do loads with it. Anywhere. Just think. It will help you run your business. I want one. Can I go now?”
I resisted – just – saying that she could have this one, and we are now on an ad hoc learning programme which basically involves me (and Maggie with her pulsing Motorola) asking dumb questions every time we are in the same room as our children.
Spread that level of support out to brainstorming simple ideas over breakfast, checking our website content, style and general appeal while loading Spotify to play while I am doing the VAT and the worth of having keen fresh minds to hand becomes incalculable.
Well, they are the future, n’est-ce pas? And Ella has been making invaluable contributions since she was six. She and her cousin Rosa drew the beautiful tree that is our wonderful Mother’s Garden trademark.

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