Like. Hate. Leave. – The Facebook Lifecycle?

Many years ago someone said to me, ‘It is good to be greedy, but not good to be too greedy!’

I think we live in a time when this little proverb is more true than ever, in my lifetime.

ACT 1: Like
Facebook is free to use, many got involved in a delirium of the worlds biggest social network. A world free of creed and commercialism?!

ACT 2: Hate
Facebook creed manifests itself in the fact that they allegedly sold too many over-priced shares, misinformed investors about the earnings potential of the company, etc.

Under more pressure than ever to show revenue potential, Facebook turns your ‘Likes’ into an add and even display your Facebook ID image in the process. So much for your privacy. Reports on several cases have surfaced in recent days, even cases when the ‘Like’ was more of a joke, than a product endorsement.

ACT 3: Leave…
What will Facebook do next to distract us from thoughts of leaving a (at least in my opinion) too greedy and not so ‘social’ network?

Could this be the hour for Google+?

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