June 2012
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Day June 7, 2012

Create Your Own Job

Unemployment a big problem for the unemployed and the economy as a whole. Unemployed can’t find the jobs they are looking for and end up living of the meager unemployment payment the state hands out. Unemployment payments, while essential for the unemployed, are a waste of money as far as the economy is concerned, since…

The Future of Payroll is Real Time Information

Within the next year HMRC are planning on making vital changes to the way business undertake their payroll, so if you have employees you will need to know what these changes entail. The biggest expected changes within payroll will be the move to real time information, commonly known as RTI. Planning for change is never…

Speed Is Of The Essence

Mr Cameron is rightly demanding from the Euro-Zone leaders that something needs to be done about the Euro crisis. It seems obvious to everyone, that Greece, Spain and maybe other countries will have to leave the Euro-Zone. Why prolong the agony? While the Euro-Zone leaders agonize over the right solution, Mr. Cameron himself has made…

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