Speed Is Of The Essence

Mr Cameron is rightly demanding from the Euro-Zone leaders that something needs to be done about the Euro crisis. It seems obvious to everyone, that Greece, Spain and maybe other countries will have to leave the Euro-Zone. Why prolong the agony?

While the Euro-Zone leaders agonize over the right solution, Mr. Cameron himself has made no attempt to solve the same problem in the UK.

The banking sector is behaving as irresponsible as ever, which causes immeasurable damage to the UK economy.

Cameron uses the Euro-Zone crisis as a smoke screen. It is within the government’s power to break up at least some of the banks and get rid of the ‘to big to fail’ problem.

Once you create one ‘safe’ bank, the others would have to follow within days, as they would loose most of their deposits otherwise.

If ‘speed is of the essence’ – why is nothing done. Leadership by doing and not by empty words, is what is needed.

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