Cloud Computing: Affordable. Integrated. Adaptable. Bespoke.

Our business environment is changing fast, often faster than we think. How do you meet this challenge – one year your are market leader and the next year you are market follower, one year you have plenty of business, the next you are struggling?

Cloud computing is the latest buzz in IT and has undoubtably many benefits, some of them are less tangible than others. But what are the cloud computing benefits that really matter?

Here are the four main cloud benefits you’ll need to look out for, when you decide to invest in cloud computing for your business, no matter what size – micro- business or enterprise, if any of these are missing you are asking for costly problems down the road.

  • Affordable – Simply put, you need to be able to afford the cloud computing software even when your business grows. Just to be sure, there should be no contract login, not even for 12 months, unless you get a good reduction in price. Additional users should come at a lower monthly subscription cost, not a higher. If they are higher, your vendor is ripping you off, move on. Cloud computing works on economy of scale for your vendor, don’t let them tell you otherwise.
  • Integrated – your cloud software should incorporate all business functions, even if you do not need them today. A good cloud vendor will allow you to pick ‘n’ mix today and to add more functionality later, without penalty or needing a complete solution upgrade or re-enter any data. Integration does not stop here, the integration I’m talking about includes all your online activities, i.e. website, eShop, blog and social media, too.
  • Adaptable – things will change. You will change and your business will change. Make sure your business cloud software is scalable and can change with you, in an affordable fashion. If you are told you’ll need to upgrade to a different system, move on. IT system changes, online or off-line, are always costly business interruptions, doing it once is enough.
  • Bespoke – software should not be a barrier to business, but a tool to facilitate more and better business. ‘One design fits all software’ will not deliver that, cloud computing offers bespoke software solutions for every size business at the same price point as standard software. Your software will need to change with your business continuously, with the right cloud computing vendor that will not be a problem.

Only with all four of these cloud computing benefits at your fingertips will your business be ready for an ever faster changing business world.

For a comprehensive list of all the cloud computing benefits for your business discover more here…

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