WinWeb Launches Unique Online Shop App

Almost every business should sell products and services online. The truth is most don’t, because it is expensive and/or complicated to open an online shop for the non-geeks amongst us.

Yesterday, WinWeb launched its new eShop App, which makes it incredibly easy, fast and cost-effective to set up your shop online. In the usual WinWeb fashion all the setup, personalisation and customisation for your online store is done for you, so no geeky stuff to worry about.

Here are some of the other highlights I really like:

  • PCs, MACs, Tablets & Mobiles – the eShop works on any platform, allowing your clients to access your eShop even on the move.
  • Works With Your Current Website – the Winweb eShop can be used on any website, blog. No need to change your current website.
  • Facebook – with almost 1billion users this is a marketplace not to be missed, the WinWeb eShop works here too.
  • Shop-The-Story – this is the unique and IMO the best part of this eShop App. You can write great blog posts on a magazine style blog and then allow your readers to shop the story with an eShop page to match the story content. ( Try My Store here –> Shop The Story!)
  • Shop-The-Story Offline – add short URLs or a QR code to your brochure, magazine article and you can extend this functionality right out of the box, sorry… cloud, onto paper.
  • Shop-the-Ad – the same is true for any online or offline ad you may place anywhere online or offline (-> see ad in this blog post, click on it!).
  • Digital Delivery – You may sell physical goods that require a parcel delivery, but if you are offering eBooks, subscriptions, tickets, photography or the like, then your customer can download the purchase after payment, sale complete.
  • Coupons & Discounts – you can also issue coupons and discounts online or offline to be redeemed in your online store.
  • Integrations – Needless to mention that the WinWeb eShop App seamlessly integrates will all the other WinWeb Apps, i.e. CRM, Accounting, Help-Desk, etc. – you pick ‘n’ mix what you need, to turn your online storefront into a world-class shopping and service experience for your clients.
    The online store integrated with PayPal and Google Checkout as standard payment options, custom payment gateway integration is also an option.

There are more features which are standard with most eShop applications these days. But as you can see so much more can be done with this fast to setup, online store front from WinWeb.

Starting at $15/£10 per month – the question is not if you can afford an online shop, it is can you afford not to have an online store front.

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