June 2012
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Day June 29, 2012

Business Cloud Computing. Yes, but…

Is it affordable, or are you getting ripped off by the business cloud computing vendor? Do you pay more than $15/£10 per user for all the business apps you need? Is it an integrated solution, can you get all apps from one cloud computing vendor? Or is the cloud vendor a one trick pony? Is…

Here Are Three Pieces of Software Small businesses should consider!

Starting a new business can be a very exciting time, and also a very busy one. The business has to be launched, new customers found, and many suppliers dealt with, and such a large amount of work in the business’s early days can often be overwhelming. It is all too easy to become tied up…

Cash Mobs Help Support Local Businesses and Economies

A cash mob is an event typically organized by a resident of a local area which encourages a group of people to get together and spend a specific amount of money at a local business. Cash mobs help support local businesses and also give the local economy a boost. If organized properly, they are also…

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